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Russians Conquered the Great Pyramid!

Vitaliy Raskalov, Russian blogger and roofer was like an ordinary tourist visiting Giza complex having entrance tickets in the middle of March, 2013. But when all entrances were closed in 4 pm Vitaliy with his friends hided at the tomb complex close to the Great pyramids where they have waited late evening for 5 hours. It was really cold, - Vitaly wrote in his blog. But they waited night time for hiking to the top of the Great pyramid! More than 20 years ago Egyptian authorities forbade the climbing to the pyramids of Giza because of fatal accidents. According to the Egyptian law there is penalty for 1-3 years imprisoning for these who would climb to the pyramids.

Conquer of the Great PyrmaidConquer of the Great Pyrmaid Conquer of the Great Pyrmaid 

 Conquer of the Great Pyrmaid  Conquer of the Great Pyramid Conquer of the Great Pyramid

Vataliy Raskalov understood this risk as well the risk not to come back safety from the top. They started their climbing in late evening trying to do it fast and with no sounds for being unseen by the guards. The surface of the stones was not secure because of little stones and cracks of the blocks that forming the Great pyramid. On the top of the greatest monument they noted a lot of writings and symbols on different languages of different times which were made by previous visitors.

Their next pyramid was the Third Great pyramid of Giza, the small pyramid which didn’t was secured by guard. The climbing was great and from the top of this pyramid they did great pictures of satellite small pyramids.

Conquer of the Great Pyramid  Conquer of the Great Pyramid Conquer of the Great Pyramid

Vitaliy became a famous roofer after climbing to several skyscrapers in Bangkok, Thailand, Dubai and Russki Bridge – the tallest cable bridge in the world in Vladivostok, Russia.


All photos by ©Vitaliy Raskalov, published in World-Pyramids after author approval.