We live in the world of pyramids
          where a pyramid is the whole world.

The Secret of Egyptian Ankh Cross

Ankh Cross  Ankh Cross Ankh Cross


Anyone who is even marginally acquainted with the pictorial history of
ancient Egypt saw the frequently on papyrus displayed figure of Pharaoh, who
holds in his hands "something" of metal that resembles a Christian cross.
The cross is like a Christian cross but at first sight is very different.
The cross was held at peak by a Pharaoh at an oval thread, through which the
fingers of Pharaoh went.

Many theories tried to explain the Nile cross (Ankh), the most famous symbol
of ancient Egypt. Some appear to be at first glance amusing; others are a
bit more credible. But the reality is that the secret of the Cross "thread"
has not been explained.

It often happens that under the guise of searching for remote unknown facts
people overlook some basic concepts that are at their fingertips. The desire
to detect complex mystic solutions guided many scholars of simple paths
while they were tying to solve something almost impossible. In the case, we
need to remember the most basic physical principles and laws.

By doing repeated attempts I verified and proved subsequently the fact that
prepared the Nile cross off his millennial secrets. I realized soon any
"live" blood in the vessels is the same as a conductor and forms something
like a primary thread on the Ankh cross, electrically conductive, while the
skin and blood vessel walls are insulators, a kind of insulation around the
wire (vessels). The total length of blood vessels in the body of the average
man reaches an impressive 96 million meters and therefore Pharaoh's fingers
around the thread produced by vascular a secondary coil is several
kilometers long, along with a threaded tip, created from the perspective of
Electro physics kind of transformer, which points out from the body of
Pharaoh into space. The tip of the transformer can be described by the known
physical law defining the essence of the phenomenon of "suction tip" energy
from the surrounding area to either acquire and transform into the body of
Pharaoh or out of the body of Pharaoh -this simple device is capable of
reducing an excess of energy in Pharaoh's body and therefore emit this
harmful energy in the opposite direction into space.

People who can acquire more energy can easily send it through the Nile Cross
to pass on to another person, animal, plants, or any weaker charges.

Ancient Egyptian Ankh Cross is also able to function in other circumstances.
A remarkable phenomenon is recorded at http://www.miroslavprovod.com ,
Article 3 - Diagrams, No.3, Iron and stone - rock acquired static charge
from a metal and the metal's power have not diminished. For ease of
explanation I can recommend to familiarize yourself with the content of the
Article called Diagrams, where detailed movements of static electricity are

The Nile Cross is a sort of a transformation antenna that is able to mediate
transport of static charge and is completely indifferent in relation to the
composition of homogeneous or heterogeneous materials. The picture depicts
the movement of static charge through the Nile Cross from metal to rock,
which is in the shape of a sphere. In this case, I could still prove
interesting that, although the sphere has the smallest surface in relation
to its volume, the shape of balls absorbs more energy than other forms of
the same volume and weight.

Ankh Cross Ankh Cross

The possibility of energy transfer to the body, and vice versa, can be
described as a basic knowledge. Whether the level of energy for our bodies
is optimal, insufficient or excessive remains unanswered. Certainly it's not
a direct proportionality - the more, the better. Excessive intake of energy
can cause negative health effects, which are mentioned on the website.
Suppose that the value of optimal amount of physical energy would result
from the knowledge of other yet unknown properties of static charge. A
theory can not exclude the possibility that no ideal level of electric
charge in our bodies exists. It is possible that our organisms together with
their physical hub by using the Nile Cross in hand only adjusts the size of
the charge to that of the country below. Our entire planet does have a
negative charge, but on certain sections that are not far apart the
magnitude of this "negative charge" is significantly different. It is
therefore possible that a physical hub (the Nile Cross) causes something
similar to that when the pressure is balanced inside the body of a sinking
diver. The Nile cross in the hand of a Pharaoh, therefore, may only be
disposing the physical energy disproportion with the environment and
harmonize the status and size of the body charge of Pharaoh and the
surrounding country, from which all the civilized people are stripped by
their shoes, which, unlike bare feet, will not let even a very low voltage
transients, and hence equalize the energy states between the body and the
ground below.

If any reader - like me - plans to experiment with the size of the charge on
himself, I strongly advise that should any health anomalies occur (such as
back pain, hand tremors, impaired vision, unsteadiness, etc.) that they
immediately interrupt their experiments.

Text:  Miroslav Provod