We live in the world of pyramids
          where a pyramid is the whole world.


Visiting Saqsayhuaman one can ask "how did they do it" and "for what" on every step as nowhere on Peru. Just 10 minutes away from the center of Cusco on the taxi and is in another planet.
Saqsayhuaman is a complex consisted from three sites of different styles of construction and stone processing and I believe different purposes and meaning.
- The Wall
- The Hill
- and the rock formations

The Wall The Wall The Wall

The Wall The Wall The Wall

Of course the Wall is the most impressive and massive construction is in whole Peru. It's located on the height of 3700 meters from the sea level and around 250 meters from the Cusco that is why historians named it's construction as fortress without any archeological evidences and traces of weapons, historical records. No reasons to construct so massive fortress just on the northern of Cusco that can protect from nuclear explosion while others sides of the city are absolutely open for possible invasion. In fact there is no any scientific evidence to make any conclusion about a propose and function of this site.

The Wall  The Wall  The Wall. Second wall 

The Wall. 200 tons block  The Wall The Wall. Top of the hill

The Wall has three range of walls. The first one is about 400 meters long and 5-6 meters tall. Estimated weight of all andesite blocks is around 6 000 cubic meters and the heaviest blocks is 200 tons megalith. Almost all blocks are from 120 till 200 tons.

Second and third walls are located higher of the main first wall forming terraces. They are constructed from smaller blocks. Walking around the Wall clear to see that this construction is surrounded the small hill. The top of this hill is in ruins of some strange constructions with unknown purpose. They said that there is a tunnel which goes deep to the hill and then to Cusco but it was closed and hidden by local archeologists some decades ago.

The Hill

The Hill The Hill The Hill 

located on the opposite side of the Wall. It's a natural hill which were influenced by man in two ways: first the Hill was used as a quarry for blocks that is why there are so many places where you can see the recess of a form of block. We didn't find any marks of tools on the recess like they were cut by laser. The second purpose of the Hill is more mystic because of northern part of the Hill looks like melted rocks. And there we found the mark of cuts which were made by technological tools.

The Hill The Hill The Hill

The Hill The Hill The Hill

The Hill The Hill The Hill

Rock formations are also enigmatic sites located on the north from the Wall and the Hill. These formations are different sizes and tall from 1 meters till 12-14 meters. All of them are with recess in the form of different size blocks and some in technological cuts. Some formations are look like they were melted by high temperature tool. All of this territory makes a lot of questions and official historians do not give reasonable explanation of origin and purpose of this rocks.

Modified rock foromations Modified rock formations Modified rock formations

Between the Wall and the Hill a long plane field is located which needs in further investigation and excavation as the surrounded by walls hill.

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