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Pyramids of Tenerife, Canary Islands

There is a complex with 6 lava stone pyramids, partially reconstructed, in the town of Güimar on Tenerife. World knew about the pyramids of Tenerife due to the Thor Heyerdahl who researched them in 1990. After 9 years a museum complex was opened there: The archaeological park of Güimar.

 Pyramids of Tenerife  Pyramids of Tenerife

All pyramids are constructed from lava-stones and dated in 19 century AD. There were two archaeological excavations in 1991 and 1998. The archaeologists involved maintain that the creation of the terrace structures followed from the practices of the 19th century rural population, who created these structures while clearing cultivatable land of stones, as they piled the stones into these terrace shapes. The excavations and subsequent research support a date for the construction of the structures no earlier than the 19th century.

Heyerdahl suggested that the structures were not haphazardly piled-up stones. Heyerdahl maintained a belief in the hypothesis that the pyramids were connected with Guanches until his death. The association of the Guanches and the pyramids continues to be elaborated upon both in "Pyramid park" and on its official website.

According to the Heyerdahl theory even not so ancient guanches (in19 century) had an ancient culture of pyramid construction in the type of Mesoamerican pyramids and their knowledge for making pyramids similar in form. It’s a fact that Canarias native people had connections with Mesoamerican or these two cultures had one pre-history.

There are more pyramids in another Canary Islands, one is located in La Palma island.

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foto of Güimar pyramid complex by Gabriele Lukacs