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Santa Agata dei Goti Pyramid Hill

Santa Agata pyramid hill Santa Agata pyramid hill

At first the story about pyramidal hill in Italy, Benevento that is close to Napoli was reported by Mr.Leonardo B. Romano from S. Agata. An Italian magazine published his text and fotos in Oct.2008. Gabriela Lukacs visited the location twice (Nov.2008 and Oct.2009) and was able to verify the existence of the alleged pyramid and the stone balls.

What Gabriela L. reported from the pyramid location site:
A pyramid shaped hill with distinct edges and pin point top can be seen from S.Agata town.
Pyramid hill: elevation 348 m from the sea level, height approx. 80-100 m, orientation to the cardinal points, distance 1,5 km from S. Agata direction NE
Vegetation: Olive trees grow on terraces built from dry stone walls. The terraces extend up to the top of the hill on its town facing side.
Access: No street or pathway is leading to the top. A footpath follows the 17th century aqueduct bringing water from Mt. Taburno to the Caserta royal castle. The water tower marks the edge of the pyramid hill.
Excavations: Nothing is known so far, no excavations ever made at the hill.
The area is inhabited since prehistoric times. An ancient city, Saticula, mentioned by Homer, is said to have existed in the area of S. Agata in 343 B.C. Current construction works for the Superstrada to Benevento have brought to light prehistoric tombs and pottery.
Tunnels: An extensive underground tunnel complex is reported by local people. Stretching between S.Agata town and the pyramid hill. It was detected during the gas pipe construction works 15 years ago.

Text and pictures are from  www.european-pyramids.eu