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Piramida Hill, Slovenia

Piramida hill Piramida hill Piramida hill

In a little town Maribor in the Northern Slovenia is easy to find a hill named Piramid in elevation of 386m from the sea level and from a base to top appr. 80m.
The flanks of Piramida hill ("piramida" is a word "pyramid" in Slovenian) point to the cardinal directions: north/south and east/west. The Piramida rises all of a sudden out of the plain terrain. The 360° view from the plateau is gorgeous and thus made the hill a perfect lookout post.

It’s interesting that on the top of Piramida Hill a middle age castle situated there with tunnel system connected the castle with the center of the Maribor town. The custle was demolished in 1784 and later the Church of mother Mary was built there on the top. There is no evidence about tunnel from the top of the Piramida Hill to the town Maribor center. But there is a huge tunnel in 2 km length in the downtown which is still exist and used like a wine cellars.

Close to the Piramida hill is another pyramidal hill located called Mesti Vrh, it is lower than Piramida and looks more like a conical burial mound. It is aligned with Piramida to the left and Kalvarij to the right.


Photos by Gabriela Lukacs. more in  www.european-pyramids.eu