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Falicon Pyramid, France

Falicon pyramid

A strange pyramid is located on the hillside north of Nice and northwest of Falicon. The pyramid is fairly small and now showing the signs of age (the top has been truncated at about 3 m), but the lower part is in good condition. It was discovered in 1804, and was calculated to have been 9 m tall. Its uniqueness and mystery make it worth visiting.

The stone pyramid is built over the opening of the Grotto (Aven) of Ratapignata, on the eastern flank of the ridge. The grotto beneath the pyramid is a karstic cave, called Bauma des Ratapignata in Occitan, or "Cave of the Bats".

This is one of the very rare pyramids to be found in Europe, and no clear explanation has ever been given for its existence. Among the various theories of its origin, the grandson of the famous archaeologist John Ward-Perkins thinks it might have marked the tomb of an ancient chieftain, possibly an exiled Egyptian.

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