We live in the world of pyramids
          where a pyramid is the whole world.

The Tunnels

In the same time when the first excavation began an unexplored tunnel system was discovered near the pyramids. Samir Osmanagic claims that the tunnel system connects all pyramids of the valley to each other. The overhead part of the tunnel contains “breccia” and mixed materials without any evidences of minerals or coal. It means that those tunnels have never been mining shafts like some opponents think.

Ravne Tunnel Ravne Tunnel  Ravne Tunnel 

Ravne Tunnel  Ravne Tunnel Ravne Tunnel 

Ravne Tunnel Ravne Tunnel Ravne Tunnel

Ravne Tunnel
Near the Sun pyramid tunnel system Ravne is located. The main features of this tunnel are the megalithic stones with ancient inscriptions. Some of the inscriptions look like Runes symbols. One can clearly see the symbol “Y” and “E” and the arrows symbols. Every 30 meters there were ventilation shafts which could feel the flow of fresh air. All those shafts are filled by outer filling materials. This material hasn’t something similar with the inner materials. Filling materials could be brought by ancients for mysterious reason or brought by catastrophically flood some thousands years ago.

KTK Tunnel
 KTK Tunnel  KTK Tunnel 

KTK Tunnel
Another tunnel system calls KTK is located near the river between sun and Moon pyramid. A stone wheel was found there, Nenad Djurdjevic (pyramid researcher from Italy) considers that the stones are cercal parts of an ancient column. There are small cavities of stalagtites (5 cm. size) which were taken for analysis by Italian geologists Drs. Dario Andretti and Luciano Leoni. The laboratory analysis shows the age of stalagtites to be 2600-2900 years which means that the tunnels must be older 3000 years. One of the ways of the KTK tunnel goes under the Fojnica river in the direction to the Sun pyramid.