We live in the world of pyramids
          where a pyramid is the whole world.

Pyramid of the Sun

Height: 220 meters
Three clear sides, one is damaged
Constructed from the huge blocks and plates.

Pyramid of the Sun Pyramid of the Sun Pyramid of the Sun

- Those massive blocks are natural stones with artificial work
- Blocks are the high quality concrete

If we see there are two kinds of blocks. One looks like construction plates with clear edges and sides another looks like monolith line of concrete or something similar to concrete.
Pyramid of the Sun is the most interesting object because many factors and features prove pyramid theory.

- seismic analysis
- radar and geo-radar
- archaeology
- geology

Pyramid of the Sun Pyramid of the Sun Pyramid of the Sun Pyramid of the Sun 

Dr. Aly Barakat, the geologist from Cairo researched all surroundings of the Sun pyramid for some weeks and he didn’t find something which can be similar with the blocks of the Sun pyramid anywhere. The Construction material of the Sun pyramid is very unusual and untypical for natural process, therefore dr. Barakat came to conclusion that Visocica (Sun pyramid) is a natural hill shaped by man and covered by stone blocks thousands years ago. Whereas Semir Osmanagic and his team continue to consider that all pyramid is constructed from the blocks. In fact that only a few area of colossal monument was cleared from soil and vegetation, the techniques couldn’t look into a deep of the pyramid to see what is located inside. Therefore it can be real that all pyramid of the Sun is consisted from the blocks.