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Megaliths of Ginje Village

A small village Ginje located 4 km south from Visoko is the new location of some megalithic sites. On 28 of August 2008 a group of researchers (Dr.Aly Barakat, Dr.Abu Bakr Moussa, Nenad Djurcevic, Faris Licina, Maxim Yakovenko, Gabriela Lukacs+family) from the ICBP conference visited Ginje.


The first site is a villa on the main road. The builders of the villa dug many massive stone blocks with equal and straight edges on a deep of 1-2 meters during building the villa. They put them on the back territory, therefore we could researched those blocks after permission of the owner of this villa. This villa is situated on the bottom of a hill, the artificial hill because under 1 -2 meters level of the soil there are many stone blocks of different sizes.

 megalithic mound  megalithic mound

megalith  megalith  megalith

megalith   megalith
On another part of Ginje a little megalithic construction, a hill with two megalithic stones on top was discovered by Faris Licina two years ago. The view of this hill allow to say about the artificial origin because one can clearly see the equal sides of the hill and orientation to the coordinal points.

At some distance another amazing hill is situated with huge megalithic stone plates on the top. The local people say that earlier (some decades ago) they used rectangular stones from the hill for building their houses, roads. The walls of a mosque of Ginje were constructed from the stone blocks from the hill. On the photo we can see the huge stones on a wall of a fence which were brought from the hill too. The hill needs in excavation as we think there are many stones under the soil.