We live in the world of pyramids
          where a pyramid is the whole world.

Discovering the Pyramids 

In the spring of 2005 an independent researcher of the ancient civilizations Dr. Semir Sam Osmanagic visited a little town Visoko in central Bosnia and Herzegovina where he noticed a perfectly oriented hill named Visocica with three right sides and edges. In opposite site of Visocica hill he saw another interesting formation – Pljesevica hill the same pyramidal characteristics. After first steps of studding local archaeological findings, legends, topographical maps and geological features of pyramidal hills Semir Osmanagic declared that he discovered the first pyramid in Europe, more than over the biggest pyramid in the world.

 Bosnian Pyramids  Bosnian Pyramids Bosnian Pyramids

The archaeological work started in 17th of April 2006. Semir Osmanagic established Archaeological Park Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation in Sarajevo that became a largest archaeological project in the world. Visocica hill was named the Sun pyramid and Pljesevica was named the Moon pyramid because they located like two pyramids in Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Bosnian Pyramids Bosnian Pyramids Bosnian Pyramids

“These two pyramids (in Bosnia) form an entryway into the fertile Visoko Valley. Anyone coming from the north or the south, the east or the west, to pass through this region would pass between these two pyramids”, - Osmanagic wrote in his book.

After some months there were discovered two tunnel systems another new pyramids and unusual prehistoric construction-temple Vratnice. Now Bosnian valley of the pyramids consisted from the pyramids of the Sun, Moon, Love, Dragon, Earth, temple Vratnice and two tunnel systems. All those objects are geometrically combined in one prehistorical complex. More that 600 000 tourists from all over the world have visited Bosnian valley of the pyramids since 2006.