We live in the world of pyramids
          where a pyramid is the whole world.

Bosnian Stone Spheres 

First Bosnian stone balls were found near Banja Luka, during last 10 years the dozens of stones balls were found in all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Stone sphere of Ponikve weights four tons. In the village Zlokuce near town Kakaji local people have been using the stone spheres for their magical and medicine purposes for centuries.

Stone balls in Bosnia Stone balls in Bosnia Stone balls in Bosnia 

Stone balls in Bosnia  Stone balls in Bosnia Stone balls in Bosnia

The main location of the spheres is the settlement Grab near Savidovici. There are 15 untouched stone spheres and approximately 25 damaged and/or uncompleted spheres. The site is situated in a ravine, four spheres are lied one by one from the ancient times when they were taken there by prehistory men. Semir Osmanigic and his team established in Savidovici the Archaeological Park Bosnian Stone Spheres for researching and protection the spheres. Dr. Aly Barakat, Egyptian geologist confirmed that some of the balls from Savidovici were a man-made.

Nowadays the discovering of the stone balls in Bosnia and Herzegovina is continuing, some spheres were found in Visoko near the pyramids, some near Mostar.