We live in the world of pyramids
          where a pyramid is the whole world.

Pyramidal Twin Hills in Nakhodka 

Nakhodka is one of the biggest ports in the Far East of Russia. Near a mouth of river Partizanskay two pyramidal twin hills are located in Golden valley presenting the Eastern gates to Eurasian continent. It’s right to say that they were twins before 1960s when brat was destroyed for stone construction materials. Two twin hills were named Sestra (Sister) and Brat (Brother) hills in time of Russian civil war of 1918-1922 when two revolutionists were murdered close to the modern Brat hill they were brother and sister from closest village.

Russian twin pyramidal hills Russian twin pyramidal hills Russian twin pyramidal hills

Russian twin pyramidal hills Russian twin pyramidal hills Russian twin pyramidal hills

But the history of these twin pyramidal hills is much older and nobody knows when the history began there. Researching the legends of first nations of this place and archeologist findings gives us understanding that they are not only hills.

Famous Russian traveler, historian and anthropologist Vladimir Arceniev in the beginning of 20 century wrote that those hills had been holy places for ancient settlements, people had been coming from China and Korea to pray there. The two hills were sacred and mysterious for ancient people. They were named Da-nai-shan (now: Sestra) and Er-nai-shan (now: Brat).

The most interesting is pyramidal hil Brat (Er-nia-shan) because it was a destination of pilgrims for many centuries. A sanctuary in type of joss-house of the ancient God of heavenly elements Lunvan was situated close to the Brat hill of even inside the sacred cave. Lunvan was the God of healing and he received a lot of prayers from pilgrims for making them and their closes healthy. It’s fact that in 12 century AD this sanctuary was visited by a prince of Zing Empire from for asking healing from eyes illness.

After Zing Empire which was smashed by Genghis Khan the memory of the sanctuary of God Lunvan was survive and tribes from North kept it and thought the place around two hills very sacred. In 20 century close to the Brat pyramidal hill archeologists found some golden treasures and other metal things of high value. The vicinities of Brat and Sestra have a lot of ancient archaeological sites in the valley of river which was called Golden Valley for great many ancient cultural leyers and founded artifacts in one place.

Russian twin pyramidal hills Russian twin pyramidal hills Russian twin pyramidal hills

 Brat pyramidal hill. Rock formation looks like a concrete  

As you can see on the photos especially old pictures made before Brat destruction the hills are definitely have pyramidal shape. The height of Sestra is 319,0 metres, 2 sides are like the sides of a pyramid from the distant. This hill is located at mouth of Partizanka's river (old name Suchan river). There is a path from the beach to the top of the hill which was a pathway before the first Russian at that land. It's very interesting and beautiful place!

Brat hill is located 2,1 mils NNE from Sestra. Brat has a very sad history. In the 60-th years of 20 century the peak was blown up for building stones.
Before destroying Brat had 320,5 metres (1, 5 metre different toSister Hill!!!) and has 242m in present time. In the right of this page you can see photos of Brat I took from the peak of Sestra. After the destruction of Brat's peak (it's located 5 or 6 km. from the city) the climate in Nakhodka changed for some weeks! People told me that there had been very hard wind for some days after the detonations and that it was raining. Everyone who asks local people about Brat destruction can hear the story about climate changing of that place.

Before the destruction the Brat hill looked like a colossal pyramid with 4 (!) clear visible sides and pick. Pyramidal hill was surrounded by plain flatland and river, the bottom of the hill raised on 1 meter high from the sea level. Together with Sister hill there were like gigantic gates to the main land from Pacific Ocean. All sides of the pyramidal hill were destroyed by detonations and bulldozers from the top. There is a road to the top and that's why Brat looks like Babylon Tower. One side is almost crumbled, another one was detonated by soldiers and workers may be there was an entrance to the inner lodgments where there were statues of ancient God Lunvan.

The destroyed flat top of Brat is very interesting because the rock's structure looks like petrified cement. The interesting story of destruction of the Brat’s top. Detonation process usually starts at the bottom of hill and never on the top. There are many hills on region of Nakhodka which were blown up for mining from back side and no one hill with destroyed top. To blow up Brat' top in 320 meters height for mining might was very expensive and dangerous deal. I have only one opinion that they do it for destruction something ancient and sacred for many ancient people from the Far East region.