We live in the world of pyramids
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Megalith of Mount Pidan. First Research Trip, 2006 

On 11th -14th August 2006, organized an expedition to the mt. Pidan to research new sites of megalithic constructions and ancient wall with dolmens, I invited my friends, which hold alternative views on history.

It wasn't a hard pathway from the train station to stand at a river but it took 3.5 hours on foot. On the river (deep 10-15 сm.) we found the first unusual stone with circles. At the first sight it's absolutely manmade or polished by man. After some hundred metres we found another stone, which looked like an equilateral triangle with three straight sides.

 Mount Pidan Mount Pidan Mount Pidan, megalith

Mount Pidan, mysterious stone  Mount Pidan, mysterious stone

We camped on a meadow (polyana - in Russian) in the forest between two mountain rivers. We had a campfire all the time where we cooked soups and porridges (mush) for all four days. August is best month for a trip to Pidan. There are many tourists that see only their feet but not the megaliths. Everybody wants to see a flying man and ask the spirits of mountain about their future or to see a UFO. Unfortunately many tourists go to Pidan only to drink vodka and after which they leave only rubbish but this kind of people is not dangerous.

On the next day, 12th August, a group of four of us went to the peak. Myself and another two guys stayed in the camp at the bottom of Pidan. We studied our meadow. There are very old trees of Japanese Yew - Taxus cuspidata (one of these trees you can see on this picture), many ashes, birches and other kinds of trees.

Mount Pidan, megalith  Mount Pidan, megalith  Mount Pidan, megalith

Mount Pidan, megalith  Mount Pidan, megalith  Mount Pidan, megalith

In 13th August I went to the megalith constructions and to the top of the mountain. One strange stone with something that looks like picture was found on the pathway. I have no idea what this picture means.

The first mysterious stone construction is located in the deep forest also near the pathway. I call it the 'Stone Room' because it looks like a room with three walls and one entrance.

There are many different plates after this 'Room' that look like manmade constructions for building. Many of those are similar others aren't. To search this site is very important in future because I think there are many interesting things.

After forest in the open air we can see a famous and beautiful dolmen. A prehistoric wall is located behind the dolmen, this construction is so grand that every time something new opens. There are natural stones that were polished and adapted by man near the prehistoric wall. It has hundreds manmade plates which look like cubes, rectangles and squares. I have no possibilities to research more. I didn't count all the stones at the bottom because I need more time and people to work and help.

The wall looks like a destroyed fortress after a war and or a natural catastrophe. Those images show how this megalith construction varies in different sites. Nature can't create straight constructions.

Mount Pidan, megalith  Mount Pidan, megalith  Mount Pidan, megalith  

Mount Pidan, megalith  Mount Pidan, megalith   Mount Pidan, megalith  Mount Pidan, megalithic wall


Mount Pidan, megalithic wall Mount Pidan, megalithic wall Mount Pidan

On the top of wall we found a different kind of the strange cuts on the stones. Those cuts are so straight as though someone had cut them with knife. Also we found isosceles triangle that was cut on the stone. Another unusual thing are the lines on the wall and on the plates. They are everywhere at the bottom of mountain. There are many raspberry plants near the wall. And so it was not only an interesting but very was tasty expedition!

In the next day 14th August we went to the train station and in the evening went to Vladivostok.