We live in the world of pyramids
          where a pyramid is the whole world.

3. Pyramid Complex in YaSen Garden

A report from Expedition 5-19 of January, 2008

 One of the most interesting pyramids are those of YaSen Garden - a park of apple trees located 15 kilometers from the dawntown of Xi’an. There are sixteen interconnected pyramids and more than ten smaller pyramids located in the vicinities of YaSen Garden. 

 All those pyramids are perfectly aligned to the earth’s cardinal points - North-South and East-West. The biggest pyramid of this complex is not-step pyramid with three-meter square foundation and flat top of 41-42 meters of length and width. Pyramids are all approximately 35-37 meters high. Simple mathematic calculations of this pyramid are rather impressive. Perimeter of top plateau is 166 m., which is exactly the length of one side of the pyramid base which is also 166 meters long! The perimeter of the base equals 664 meters. If we take into account error in 2 meters at measurement from the satellite images we approach to mysterious number of 666!

 layout of pyramids  on the largest pyramid step pyramid step pyramid  terraces on the pyramid

 The second largest pyramid of YaSen Garden 30 meters high. It is a flat-toped pyramid with terraces. The feature of this pyramid is the disproportion of sizes because of western and eastern sides of the base are of 150 meters long whereas southern and northern sides are only 145 meters long, therefore top sides are 47 and 42 meters accordingly. 

  line of pyramids  the author close to the pyramid 

 The third pyramid is smaller than others but together with them this smaller one forms an interesting arrangement. They resemble disposition of three pyramids in Giza of Egypt. Let us consider satellite images of three pyramids in Giza and three pyramids of YaSen Garden. We can see the differences of proportions from the largest pyramid of Khufy to the smaller pyramid of Menkaure in Egypt and similar situation in YaSen Garden. In both cases pyramids are aligned to the earth’s cardinal points! The distance between three pyramids in Giza and YaSen Garden are also similar. This suggests that constructors of pyramids in Egypt and in China both used common knowledge.

 Other pyramids of YaSen Garden are also related to the three big pyramids, and also geometrically related to each other. Smaller pyramids have various shapes and steps (terraces), many of them were damaged as a result of human activity as they are located in the middle of the agricultural area. Near the complex only a half of a little pyramid is located which looks like a “bitten pie”

Located in suburbs of Xi’an this amazing complex consisting of more than 16 pyramids of the different forms and sizes on the small area could be another tourist attraction for visitors from all over the world.