We live in the world of pyramids
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4. Maoling Mausoleum and mysteries of White pyramid 

A report from Expedition 5-19 of January, 2008

Maoling pyramid Maoling pyramid Maoling pyramid ruin of gates

 Near the city of Xianyang (50km from Xi’an) along the Wei River there is a very long valley of the pyramids. There are more than two hundred pyramids of different forms, sizes and shapes. The pyramids are known as tombs of emperors of Han dynasty. The Maoling Mausoleum for Emperor Wudi (156–87 BC) is most famous and interesting. In the beginning of 90-th of 20th century archaeologists excavated the area around the “tomb” where some thousands of terracotta statues of soldiers, peasants and traders have been found there but no evidence of a burial place of the emperor was found.

 The height of the pyramid is 46.7 meters; the pyramid doesn’t orient to the Earth coordinal points. No one knows why. Chinese have planted the small evergreen conifer trees and also bushes with large prickly thorns on all sides to hide a pyramid construction under plants. Main feature of this pyramid is artificial hilly formations, which situated opposite to the northern, western and east sides of the pyramid. As I knew later during the second expedition it's ruins of the ancient gates for mausoleum complex. 

 There is an opinion that Maoling pyramid is a legendary Write Pyramid which was described by Oscar Maman and Fred Shroder in the beginning of 20th century. Let me remind that they specified the height of White Pyramid as 300 meters and length of the base as more than 500 meters approximately. James Gaussman also described White Pyramid as something colossal and shining.

satellite pyramid of Maoling mausoleum complex  satellite pyramid of Maoling mausoleum complex  

This pyramid is located in 500 meters from Maoling

 Meanwhile Chris Maier and Walter Hain suggest that the pilot Gaussman could be mistaken and Maman with Shroder could overstate the size of the pyramid. However how could be mistaken Maman with Shroder which came to White Pyramid so closely and made the descriptions after their trip? Maier and Hain did not answer to this question moreover Hain never visited Chinese pyramids while Maier have visited only some locations of the pyramids in Shaanxi province. In his opinion the Maoling pyramid is the White Pyramid because it’s the largest pyramid of all area around Xi’an. However this statement is doubtful since Maoling pyramid is a little bit higher than the pyramid located near the International Airport of Xi’an. Moreover there are two colossal pyramids located only four kilometers to the East from Maoling.