We live in the world of pyramids
          where a pyramid is the whole world.

Great Pyramid - Pillar of Light


The Great Pyramid at Giza (often called the Great Pyramid of Khufu) has been the grand standing giants among the monuments of the earth, standing tall as the king of all monuments from the moment it was built. Egyptologists – at time of writing – hold that the Great Pyramid was built at around 2560BC. The Great Pyramid has been one of the greatest sources of fascination by the world at large. The word Pyramid I believe means Pillar of Light, it certainly does in the case of the Great Pyramid as it would have been an extremely luminous object with its dazzling white limestone casing stones at the time of its construction.

Great Pyramid - Pillar of Light Great Pyramid - Pillar of Light Great Pyramid - Pillar of Light 

The reason I am fascinated with the Great Pyramid is in the various constants and numbers that are embedded in its design and location. In this article I will elaborate on the numbers that pertain to Light. The Greek word for Pyramid means Fire, or Light (from Pyra) and Measure (from Mid), this is my personal belief. The Great Pyramid is thus a measure of light in many ways. I am for the most part passing on particular facts and figures from the research of Scott Onstott.

I have added <#> Notations to link certain statements that support final statement of facts or concepts near the end of the article.


The speed of light (at 299,792.458km/s) is encoded in the latitude of the great Pyramid. At its center the pyramid is 29.9792º north of the equator <1>. The statistical chance for the Great Pyramid to be centered on the latitude of the Speed of Light is almost beyond reason of doubt. It’s so close that if you go a few feet up or down off of the center of the great Pyramid the equality of the latitude with the speed of light is lost. The margin of error is less than 0.01%.

The meter itself is based on the circumference of the earth. We define it by dividing the polar circumference (through Paris) into 40,000,000 meter units. The second is defined as the length of a day divided into 86,400 units of time. <2,3>

There is good reason to believe that the Great Pyramid’s architect knew the radius of the earth as well. To make my point I will divide the width of the great Pyramid (756 feet) into 360 units which I will call cubits. The radius of the earth contains 10.000.000 of these cubits to within a margin of 0.4-0.5%. I believe this summarily dismisses any other speculation about what kind of cubit the Great Pyramid builder’s architect used. <2,3>

Additionally the architect of the Great Pyramid did not seem to find it arbitrary to find yet a third measure (besides the meter and cubit) by which to measure the earth, for reasons I don’t presently fathom. The Great Pyramid has a slope angle of approximately 51 Degrees, 50 Arc Minutes and 40 Arc Seconds. These add up to about 186,640 arc seconds (51*3600 + 50*60 + 40). The speed of light as measured in miles per second is approximately 186624 Miles per second. The difference is less than 0.02%. <1,5>

I have already shown that the Speed of Light is encoded in both meters per second (in its latitude) and miles per second (in the slope angle). There is another way in which the pyramid encodes the number of light and why shouldn´t it? It was the king of all pyramids in all the earth and probably shone the brightest. The circumference of the earth, divided by the circumference of the great pyramid is ~43,460. The sun has a radius of 432,687 miles. The difference (besides a decimal point) is 0.4%. <4> The difference would be even smaller if the pyramids had not been defaced.

It is worthy to note that we have divided our day into 43,200 * 2 seconds. This is more than logical as the sun and its light is what gives us our sense of time.

Another worthy thing to note is that the speed of light can be derived from 432 * 432.
432 * 432 is only 0.18% higher than the currently accepted measure of the speed of light at 186,282.397 Miles/s. Is it any wonder people marvel at the Great Pyramid?

Finally there is another way in which the speed of light was encoded in the Great Pyramid. Draw two circles on the base of the pyramid. One circle touching the edges, the other touching the corners. Subtract the circumference of the smaller circle from the circumference of the bigger circle. The result is about 299.8173 meters. This is less than 0.009% off of our current speed of light. <1>
All this goes to show that the Architect of the Great Pyramid knew the following facts or concepts:

  1. The Speed of Light in meters and miles per second.

  2. The Circumference and radius of the Earth and the roundness of the earth.

  3. The definition of the Meter, Cubit, Mile and Second.

  4. The size of the Sun

  5. To measure the Circle in 360º and 60 arc minutes and 60 arc seconds.


Besides this the Great Pyramid Architect knew how to center a structure on a very specific latitude. How he or she did it, I will not pretend to know.

Please do your own research to check what I have stated. Microsoft Excel, Google earth, Google search and publicly available facts have been my tools of choice and I encourage you to use them as well. It is my hope that one day these kinds of facts will be publicly taught in schools so that we may all be filled with wonder at the wisdom of the ancients who built these monuments, and that we may have the indwelling sense of wonder about the natural world which undoubtedly inspired the architect of the Great Pyramid. These facts and figures go to show just the tip of the iceberg of the wisdom of the ancients who built these monuments.





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