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Great Pyramid - Pillar of Light

The speed of light (at 299,792.458km/s) is encoded in the latitude of the great Pyramid. At its center the pyramid is 29.9792º north of the equator The statistical chance for the Great Pyramid to be centered on the latitude of the Speed of Light is almost beyond reason of doubt. It’s so close that if you go a few feet up or down off of the center of the great Pyramid the equality of the latitude with the speed of light is lost. The margin of error is less than 0.01%.

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The Third Pyramid, Giza

This is the third Great pyramid of Giza plateau, but much smaller than another two pyramids. They said it have been built as the tomb of the fourth dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh Menkaure but like in case with Great pyramid there is no archaeological evidences and historical records on this.

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The Second Pyramid, Giza

Close to the Great pyramid there is another pyramid, that known to everyone as the Pyramid of Khafre. Together with the third pyramid of Menkaure and the Great Sphinx they represent the ancient complex of Giza plateau. The Second pyramid is shorter only for 3 meters (10 ft) than the Great Pyramid but because of the pyramid sits on the rock formation that is higher for 10 meters (33 ft) than the Great Pyramid location site it makes the Second pyramid more taller and colossal from the distance point of view.

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The Great Pyramid, Only Facts

The greatest pyramid and monument which have ever been constructed. 146 meters height, 2,3 millions blocks, 5,9 million tons of total mass and more other facts about this World wounder. The article is a good start to know more of the Great pyramid.

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The Second Sphinx

Geologist and archaeologist Dr. Aly Barakat has been researching the medieval writings of Arabic authors for several years. He found that the famous Arabian geographers Al-I-Drisi (1099-1166 AD), Kitab al Mamalk and Kitab al Jujori in the 12th century AD mentioned that there were two sphinxes at Giza opposite each other.

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