We live in the world of pyramids
          where a pyramid is the whole world.

Welcome to the world-pyramids.com the best and most popular web site about pyramids in the world!


Today the world-pyramids.com was re-launched. Completely new design, logo and concept are making the project more attractive and easy for finding information about pyramids and not only them. The project is also about megalithic sites worldwide and ancient civilizations mysteries.

Feel yourself as a researcher using the Interactive Map of Pyramids Constructions on the main page there you can see direct pyramids locations and see them from the satellite view. From the Map you can redirect to an article dedicated to the pyramid. We are working now for writing more articles and “building” more pyramids on the Map. Feel free to share with your research and photos because of world-pyramids.com is open project and it’s for everyone who likes our planet Earth and its history! Just go the Join page to share!


Maxim Yakovenko