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Ivan Šimatović, Independent researcher, Croatia

Born in 1944. in Zagreb, Croatia,
He is a Doctor of electrotechnics specialist for power transformers,
He works at the Electrical Power Industry (HEP) in Croatia,
He has been researching the marginal fields of science and especially the subtle autonomous energetic system of the cones and pyramids for 26 years.
From the beginning of 2007 he is co-worker-volunteer of The Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation , Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Currently Dr. Ivan Šimatović lives in a town Krapina (about 60 km far from Zagreb) with 8.000 residents, it is the worlds famous archaeological site, has known for its Neanderthals, dating 130.000 years ago.
He is also the first author of two remarked books:
Homo X On the Footprint of the Man and Ancient Cultures, (Zagreb, Izvori, 2001).
The Man and UFO We are coming in piece!, (Zagreb, Teledisk, 2005.)

The list of articles in Croatian:

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