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How many pyramids of the world do you know?

Everybody knows about the three great pyramids on the Giza, Egypt and some pyramids of Mexico. But the locations of pyramids are not confined to these two countries. There are more than 1000 pyramids in Central America and major part of them has never been investigated well.

There are more than 300 pyramids in China. Some of you heard about it but only on world-pyramids.com you can find the first hand research.
In 2005 the colossal pyramidal construction and under earth tunnels were found in Bosnia and Herzegovina. More than twenty pyramids and pyramidal hills have been found in Italy, Spain, France, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia and Greece. Well-known Europe still hides many mysteries which should be researched together on world-pyramids.com

World-pyramids.com gives you free opportunity to feel yourself as a researcher looking for truth and answers of our great past. Just join and share with your amateur or professional research with whole world and help to research.

  • Saqsayhuaman

    Visiting Saqsayhuaman one can ask "how did they do it" and "for what" on every step as nowhere on Peru. Just 10 minutes away from the center of Cusco on the taxi and is in another planet.

  • Cusco

    If you would like to see the evidences of ancient civilizations and their technologies you should come to Cusco, the city that placed around 3450 meters (11300 ft.) high on the Andean mountain.

  • Research Trip to the Ancient Land of Andean Mountains. Overview

    There is no place in the world where so many evidences of antediluvian civilization were presented in one country than in Peru. Monumental stone and natural rock formations influenced by men in unusual and illogical manner for any mysterious reason or purpose. Colossal cyclopean walls from the polished stones put on each other without connected materials and modern machinery techniques. And all of this in Peru!

  • The Secret of Egyptian Ankh Cross

    Many theories tried to explain the Nile cross (Ankh), the most famous symbol of ancient Egypt. Some appear to be at first glance amusing; others are a bit more credible. But the reality is that the secret of the Cross "thread" has not been explained.

  • How Many Pyramids are in the World?

    If you ask yourself how many pyramids are in the world you will be lost in thoughts. And it least you wouldn't find the right number. No matter who you are a person who has never interested in pyramids or you have PhD in History, it’s not matter you do not find an answer on this question. Let me tell you a truth that nobody knows how many pyramids are in the world. Moreover it’s really not easy to count all pyramids and tell the total number...

  • Silbury Hill

    Silbury Hill had a 40 meters high (131 ft) which makes it one of the largest in the world. The original purpose of construction of so high hill is still unknown but there are many theories from representatives of the official historical schools and from the New Age philosophers and writers. Independent researchers of ancient civilizations do not have a big interest in Silbury hill because there are no any evidences of ancient high technologies. But it’s the biggest mound in Western Europe.

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  • Research Trip to Peru and Bolivia

    The founder of world-pyramids with web manager of this project spent in Peru and Bolivia two weeks and found undoubtful and unquestionable evidences of a developed ancient civilization(s) in Peru. Some…

  • How Many Pyramids are in the World?

    If you ask yourself how many pyramids are in the world you will be lost in thoughts. And it least you wouldn't find the right number. No matter who you are a person who has never interested in pyramids…

  • Russians Conquered the Great Pyramid!

    Russians Conquered the Great Pyramid! Vitaliy Raskalov, Russian blogger and roofer was like an ordinary tourist visiting Giza complex having entrance tickets in the middle of March, 2013. But when all…

  • Pyramid in Baikal lakeshore?

    Pyramid in Baikal lakeshore? The possible pyramid formations in 80 meters height named like a Baikal Lake Pyramid Hill was discovered by Russian architect and professor from Irkutsk. In 2007 an architect…

  • Possible pyramid complexes have been located with Google Earth.

    One of the complex sites contains a distinct, four-sided, truncated, pyramidal shape that is approximately 140 feet in width.

  • New Pyramid Found in El Paraiso, Peru

    New Pyramid Found in El Paraiso, Peru One of the first big settlements and ceremonial centers in the region of Lima was "El Paraíso" (The Paradise). The complex dates back to around 2200 BC. It is located…

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    Advanced Ancient Civilizations Laboratory of Alternative History Results of the LAH Expeditions from 2004-2011 (with Subtitles)by Andrey Sklyarov International Seminar"Search for Traces of Technogenic…

  • Mystery of the Sphinx

    Mystery of the Sphinx is a 1993 documentary about the Great Sphinx of Giza. It deals mainly with the conflict between egyptologists and geologists about the age of the Great Sphinx. It does so by suggesting…

  • Cambodia, Prasat Thom pyramid

    Video by Дмитрий Сапыч (Сайго Такамори) about his trip to Cambodia, Prasat Thom pyramid.

  • Ancient Aliens Secrets of the Pyramids, form History Chanel

    Ancient Aliens Secrets of the Pyramids History channel aired episode “Secrets of Pyramids” on December 21, 2012. This new documentary shows pyramids in Egypt, China, Mexico, Mauritius, Bosnia, Canary…

  • White Pyramid, China

    The White Pyramid is located in the vicinity of Qiang Xian, a small Chinese town located 80 km to the northwest from Xi’an. White Pyramid is officially known as Liangshan Mountain. Some decades ago a tomb…

  • European Pyramids

    European Pyramids The promo video of european-pyramids.eu web site the partner of world-pyramids.com about pyramids and pyramidal constructions and hills in Europe from Canary Island to Turkey.