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View of mountain Pidan (the highest peak)

Megaliths of Pidan

Pidan is one of the famous mountains in the South of Siberia in Russia. This mountain was named by ancient people a long time ago. The modern name is Gora Livadiyskay but everybody calls it Pidan.

Coordinates of Pidan are 43 04,258 degrees of northern latitude and 132 41,621 degrees of eastern longitude. It's located approximately 70 km from Vladivostok, but that doesn't mean that it's close! There are no roads from Lykianovka station to Pidan only paths and everybody is on their feet for 5-6 hours for this distance.

river of Pidan

The height of Pidan is 1,333 metres! There are very beautiful rivers, which start (have their source) in the lake under Pidan. The water is very clear and cold even in summer. They say this water is healthy for people, which has a different kind of diseases.

100 years ago a famous Russian traveler and researcher Vladimir Arseniev was in Primorye with researching trip on the mountains (he published some books about it). In one of his book he wrote about legends of the mountain Pidan that had been told by first settlements. One of them is about Flying women.

Many people had seen her flying above Pidan since that time. 10 years ago journalists from Japan filmed a picture about Megalith of Pidan and flaying women. They recorded on camera flight of flying women for 1 minute! This film was shown on Japanese TV.

lay-out of Pidan megaliths cuts

But most interesting part in Pidan are the megaliths. When I was climbing across the forest to the top (I was in Pidan twice, last time in August 2005, now is July 2006) I saw stones which look like plates. But looking for megaliths and something strange in the deep forest where there no paths is dangerous because there are venomous snakes. The ancient wall which had been built by ancient civilization long time ago is situated at the height of 1,050 metres (see images).

Length of the wall is 350-400 meters and it's almost straight. I walked on the level surface of wall and noted very strange cuts on the plates.
The wall is high from 3-6 meters and it is destroyed in some places. I had not more time to search wall because I had little time to climb to the Pidan's peak and return to my camp.

Dolmen There is dolmen in the beginning of wall. I know another dolmen but the dolmen which you can see on photograph that is most beautiful which I have seen. Its height is 2,2-2,4 m. They say that dolmen was built by priests of Bohay 1300-1500 years ago. BUT the megaliths were built at the height of 1000 meters how could ancient man have built it?! There were no modern techniques until 1500 years ago . As we can see there are very similar things between Pidan's wall and the megalith of Latin America. I can propose there was very ancient civilization like Atlantis or Lemuria that built megalith constructions all over the World.

Pidan can be interesting in the light of last news! In the middle of April 2006 in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Visoko (22 km. from Saraevo)sensational discovery was made. The World found out about FIRST European pyramid. After a while Archaeological Park Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation was organized by Semir Osmanagic (Sem Osmanagich). In May Osmanagic found another 2 pyramids near the Sun pyramid. All information about Bosnian pyramids (news, pictures, discussion etc.) you can be found on the official web site of Bosnian Pyramid's Foundation

To 15th May 2006 I was looking for Visiko on a map and I was excited about coordinates of Pyramids in Bosnian and Pidan. They are located in ONE 43 degree of latitude north!

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