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  • Nakhodka, the city of prehistoric times

    Nakhodka is one of the biggest ports in Far East of Russia. Near a mouth of river Partizanskay 2 hills which look like pyramids are located in Golden Value. They are named Sestra (Sister) and Brat (Brother). Researching the legends of first settlements and anomalies of these places makes us understand that they are not only hills.

    Photo of 1959, Brat before destroying Brat before destroying

    Brat from the height of Sestra The height of Sestra is 319,0 metres, 3 sides are like the sides of a pyramid. This hill is located at mouth of Partizanka's river. It's very interesting and beautiful place!
    Another hill is named Brat (Brother in English). It is located 2,1 mils NNE from Sestra. Brat has a very sad history. Brat isn't the peak. In the 60-th years of XX century the peak was blown up for building stones. It was dreadful!
    Before destroying Brat had 320,5 metres (1, 5 metre different toSister Hill!!!) and 242 m. now. In the right of this page you can see photos of Brat I took from the peak of Sestra. After the destruction of Brat's peak (it's located 5 or 6 km. from the city) the climate in Nakhodka changed for some weeks! People told me that there had been very hard wind for some days after the detonations andthat it was raining.

    Sestra The ancient town and tombs with beautiful adornment were found near the Brat some decades ago. Famous Russian traveler, historian and anthropologist Arceniev in the beginning of XX century wrote that those hills had been holy places for ancient settlements, people had been coming from China and Korea to pray there. The two hills were sacred and mysterious for ancient people. They were named Da-nai-shan (now: Sestra) and Er-nai-shan (now: Brat).

    Brat in May 2006 Steps on Sestra
    More that 110 years ago when first Russians disembarked near the Sestra Korean settlements it was said that two hills (Brat and Sestra) had been built a long time before. However they didn't know who had build them. Then and now people say that they feel happy and healthy on this hills and I agree with them. The sides of those hills oriented towards for North, West, South and East like the pyramids in Egypt.

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    These pictures are from collections of Maxim Yakovenko © Maxim Yakovenko

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