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The Community of World Pyramids Researchers

The main mission of is to organize a community of independent archaeologists, historians and also open minded researchers of diverse qualifications from various countries for the research of pyramids and megalithic sites.

All members of the Community of World Pyramids Researchers (CWPR) may have free space on for their research articles, topics and reports. All copyrights of text and photographs will be guaranteed by the author of, Maxim Yakovenko.

The Community of World Pyramid Researchers is an international project opened for:

  • Scientists studying the pyramids at the institutes and researching the archaeological sites of the pyramids using scientific methods
  • Independent researchers and/or archaeologists who explore pyramids and/or lost civilizations publishing reports over the Internet, journals and magazines
  • Writers of books dedicated to the research of the pyramids
  • Professional journalists who have produced interesting articles and documentary films about pyramids and lost civilizations

How to Join

Please send to your pictures and c.v. with the list of your main publications or projects.
Please note your c.v will be posted on your personal web page of the Community!

Then prepare some material for publication on
You can write an article, topic or scientific report with photographs, plans, maps and tables. Send
Your work(s) with c.v. will be posted on within 7-10 days.

Any materials which contain:
offensive or provocative language;
or racist and nationalist content;
Will not be published!

Would you like to promote your book or web site? offers you space for advertisements (banners) of books and web sites for the members of CWPR or guests of at special costs. For more information write: or

Place for your information © Maxim Yakovenko

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