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Chinese Pyramids
A report from Expedition 5-19 of January, 2008

6. Conclusion

At first it is necessary to investigate local legends, to study ancient texts and than to begin researching of this pyramidal complex. Involving scientists from all over the world and advanced modern scientific technologies may help to reveal the mystery of the nature of the White Pyramid.

China is the rapidly developing country with pragmatic and talented people which can change, decorate and offer to tourists everything which have historical and esthetically value. At the same time a few people in the world know about hundreds pyramids in central China whereas promotion information about pyramids presence can stimulate the economy of Shaanxi province. The pyramids of YaSen Garden, the around Xianyang and Xi'an cities, White Pyramid and others could be tourist attraction for visitors from all corners of the world.

To be continued

This report was presented during the First International Scientific Conference about the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids was held between 25-30 August, 2008 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina ICBP

Special thanks to Kirill Atamanov for English edition of my text

Text and photographs by © Maxim Yakovenko © Maxim Yakovenko

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