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  • Part 5. YaSen Garden: the Great complex of the Pyramids

    YaSen Garden - a park located 15 kilometres from the centre of Xian is the largest valley of pyramids in Shaanxi province more than any in China. There are sixteen interconnected pyramids and more than ten smaller pyramids located in the vicinity of YaSen Garden. But some decades ago there were smaller pyramids as you can see in the old satellite photo. This valley is situated on the border of a long agricultural field.

    Compare an old satellite photo and new from Google.

    I would like to quote my first report about YaSen Valley of the pyramids but with new photos:

    All those pyramids are perfectly aligned to the earths cardinal points - North-South and East-West. The biggest pyramid of this complex is not-step pyramid with three-meter square foundation and flat top of 41-42 meters of length and width. Pyramids are all approximately 35-37 meters high. Simple mathematic calculations of this pyramid are rather impressive. Perimeter of top plateau is 166 m., which is exactly the length of one side of the pyramid base which is also 166 meters long! The perimeter of the base equals 664 meters. If we take into account error in 2 meters at measurement from the satellite images we approach to mysterious number of 666!

    The main pyramid (tomb of the Emperor officially): view from the different distance, the platform on the top

    The second largest pyramid of YaSen Garden 30 meters high. This is the most beautiful pyramid in all park. It is a flat-toped pyramid with terraces (steps). The feature of this pyramid is the disproportion of sizes because of western and eastern sides of the base are of 150 meters long whereas southern and northern sides are only 145 meters long, therefore top sides are 47 and 42 meters accordingly.

    1 Stepped pyramid. 2 A view of 10 terraces. 3 M. Yakovenko and stepped pyramid (from another side)

    1-2 The terraces (steps) of the pyramid. 3 - the top.

    Other pyramids of YaSen Garden are also related to the three big pyramids, and also geometrically related to each other. Smaller pyramids have various shapes and steps (terraces), many of them were damaged as a result of human activity as they are located in the middle of the agricultural area. Near the complex only a half of a little pyramid is located which looks like a bitten pie

    Pyramids of the valley. Some broken pyramids.
    During my last trip to China in November 2008 I tried to find more information about this valley but I found only a few facts that I prefer not to write about it in this report because I would like to verify everything.
    I climbed some of the pyramids, took many photos and I noticed a pit on the third pyramid. It seems that someone from the local inhabitants tried to find treasure inside the pyramid. I dont believe that they found something, but the authorities must realise that the great valley of Chinese pyramids is under threat of destruction by black-market archaeologists. Broken pieces of pottery and other artefacts lie on the surface after agricultural activities. Therefore this place would definitely be a magnet for archaeologists.

    1-2 A pyramid after black archaeologists. 3 - The artifacts on the ground.

    This area is completely unknown to scientists. They have never excavated or researched these pyramids. The majority of Chinese scientists and guides and tourists have never visited this place. It is very strange that such an impressive and historical place has been forgotten by people.

    1. The unknown three pyramids Sounthwestern from the main pyramid. 2-3 Another view for the pyramids of YaSen.

    Vegetation on the pyramids: 1 - Bush with big thorns (everywhere on the pyramids!).
    2 Blooming bush with little thorns

    I will continue to research this valley of pyramids in my further trips to China


    Text and photographs by © Maxim Yakovenko © Maxim Yakovenko

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