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Dear friends,
Thank you for your interest in and mysteries of the ancient history. We live in the time of changings and I hope the information about our mysterious past will bring into your life inspiration and symbols.

I'm graduated the Institute of International Relations (MA of American Studies) at the Far Eastern National (now Federal) University in Vladivostok, Russia and now finishing my PhD on history there. I work at the same university managing department on Campus Development. I also had in experience in the biggest regional museum where I headed Research and Exhibitions Department for a year.

I have more than 10 scientific publications dedicated to the different aspects of the international relations, American and Canadian history. In 2008 was invited to take part at the First International Conference about Bosnian Pyramids in Sarajevo where had a report about my research of the Chinese pyramids.

My interest in ancient history started in childhood I even cant remember when I began to interest in Atlantis, Sphinx and pyramids. When I was 21 years old I organized a first expedition to the sacred megalithic site 60 miles from my city (Pidan mount, see on web site). After that time I was there many times. I did research of the pyramidal hills close to Nakhodka city. About this research of the megalithic sites a famous author and investigator Philip Coppens wrote an article.

In January 2008 I began to do my main research. I went to China, Shaanxi province, to know the truth about the legendary pyramids. I visited that region twice where had some meetings with Chinese experts, archaeologists and scientists which have been researching the pyramids for years. I continue this exploration, searching new materials and preparing for new trips.

After 4 years WORLD-PYRAMIDS.COM became one the most popular web resource about pyramids having more than 300 visitors from all over the world per day. At least I would like to say that this web site is open for you. So, if you have interesting photos and information dedicated to pyramids and megalith you will be welcomed on!

Thank you,

Maxim Yakovenko

Oct. 2012

The partners of

Gabriela Lukacs, Vienna/Austria

MBA Vienna university and university Siena/Italy
Licensed tourist guide in Vienna/Austria in german, english, italian
Tourleader to ancient sites in Europe
Published guidebooks on geomancy and mystics.
Homepage in german

Participant and 1st volunteer at the excavations in Visoko in 2006 - 2008
Hosting a website about the excavations and pyramids research in Europe:
Participant of the First International Conference on Bosnian Pyramids in Sarajevo August 2008 Gabriela Lukacs, MBA/Vienna university and univ.Siena/Italia joined the excavations in Visoko 2006 as first member of the international team. She is the author of The Bosnian Pyramid Guide Book, 2008. © Maxim Yakovenko

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